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Be agile. Embrace change. Technology is going to accelerate radically in the next few years. New devices will get smaller, faster, and more sophisticated. The web will look different—centered around mobile. Don’t get caught clinging to what worked yesterday—continually seek to innovate.

Passion is the key. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then you’re dead. Lucky for you, I enjoy my work. Every project is a unique challenge, and with every challenge comes a unique solution. It’s not always the challenge that I like, but the creativity that I love.

Know who you are, and know who you are not. It can be tempting to take on every project that comes along, but that can lead to a lot of frustration. I’m a creative person—I like music, art, and fashion, so I tend to look for projects that have a certain design appeal.

Be reliable. Apparently this is a big deal. We've heard story after story about bad experiences with unreliable designers and developers. Don’t be one of them. Put high value on customer service. Be honest. Deliver what you promise. Develop a policy for responding to emails and calls.

Communicate. Strong lines of communication create goodwill and camaraderie. Does the client know where you are on the project timeline? Do they know what’s next in the process? Have a sense of their needs and expectations, and use technology to keep everyone informed.

Rest. Rest is not the absence of activity, it is the activity that nourishes and replenishes your soul. Some of my most creative moments come when I’m outside, watching a game, or doing something completely unrelated to work. Take at least one full day a week to relax, and you’ll be more creative.

Featured Work

The majority of our work at Hart + Vine is centered around responsive web design, with a focus on beautiful design and digital brand management.

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“Jeff is a different breed because he’s fully immersed in tech, music, and has the right connections.”

— Lee Steffen, Photographer and Founder of Penguin Creative

“Jeff’s eye for design + personality + work product forms a pretty killer combo.”

—Kyle Taylor, Executive Creative Director at IMM